As featured in The Lazarus Project

You may have watched The Lazarus Project on Sky – but did you know a key shot featured in the series was shot by me after finishing work one evening in London?!

Screenshot from YouTube - click and watch from 39:37

The series follows The Lazarus Project – a top-secret organisation dedicated to preventing mass extinction events with a nifty ability up its sleeve – to make time go backwards. 

The clip in question was shot December 10 2020 – shortly after clocking off from a shift at the AFP news agency in Barbican. I regularly go to the roof to take in the gorgeous views – especially as the sun sets. The building, 200 Aldersgate, has breathtaking views over London – The Shard on the left, St Paul’s Cathedral in the centre and The London Eye to the right. It’s always such a joy to be up there. I hadn’t long had my Z6 camera, so I was keen to get some 4K shots of my favourite view – and just as well I did! 

The production company, Urban Myth Films, offered to buy the rights to use the clip in the series after seeing it on Shutterstock. I must admit, it’s quite unusual to be approached in this way, but I was thrilled they came to the content provider directly instead of downloading it from a third-party platform, which would have given me a smaller royalty payment.

Here’s the RAW footage:

Part of the agreement was to have my name featured in the credits. At last, my name on the small screen!

The production is now broadcasting its second series – and I’m delighted my clip is featured heavily in the official trailer. Make sure you add it to your watchlist! 

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As featured in The Lazarus Project
You may have watched The Lazarus Project on Sky – but did you know a key shot featured in the series...
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